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Certainly. Too many to name

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Q: Has a player played in la liga and the English leagues?
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Is Samuel eto'o the highest paid player in Europe?

Firstly Samuel Eto'o played for Barcelona, a Spanish club playing their liga's (leagues). Currently he is just about to be singed by AC Milan. So he is not a European player. This information has been posted by Edwin Joseph,India.

How many leagues does Real Madrid play for?

La Liga, Champions League - (2)

What footballers have played in the English premier league la liga bundesliga and seire a?

anelka Henry

What is La Liga when one speaks in terms of soccer?

La Liga is the Spanish main soccer league. La Liga is one of the top soccer leagues in the world, with some of the best teams and players in the world playing in it.

What footballers have played in the English Premiership La Liga Serie A and The Bundesliga?

Stefan Schwarz George Popescu

Is there a handball league?

Of course, there are many handball leagues, Toyota Handball Bundesliga in Germany, Liga ASOBAL in Spain or ZUBR Extraliga in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the EHF Champions League is played.

What is the Romanian 'Liga Profesionistă de Footbal' in English?

Professional Football League is an English equivalent of 'Liga Profesionistă de Footbal'.

Which English football players has played in La Liga?

They are Michael Owen ,David Beckham and Steve McManaman and Jonathan Woodgate.

What made C Ronaldo very famous?

C Ronaldo or Cristiano Ronaldo came from Portugal and played for major football leagues La Liga and Real Madrid and is famous for being the most expensive footballer in history

How many football clubs has Germany have?

The bundesliga hosts 18 teams. The Bundesliga 2 holds the same amount. Then there is the Liga, with 20 teams. then the leagues go down in a pyramid, like how the English football works, and this will spread out to different regions.

What league is real Madrid in FIFA 12?

Spanish Liga BBV..something. It's the first league shown when you go to spanish leagues.

What does bbva in la liga bbva stand for?

Like many leagues, the Spanish league has a sponser; the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, 'BBVA'. This was since the year 2008.La Liga (meaning the league) also know as the Primera División (First Division) and Liga de Fútbol Profesional.The English Premier League (EPL) now currently known as the Barclays Primier League (BPL).The Etisalat Pro-League was formerlyknown as the Emirates League.