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Andrei Kanchelskis

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Q: Footballer who has played in Manchester derby merseyside derby and glascow derby?
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Which current premiershire footballer has played in Glasgow derby Manchester derby London derby Merseyside Derby Tyneside deryb and East Anglia derby?

Craig Bellamy

Did Paul Walsh footballer ever play in Manchester derby?

Yes - he played for Manchester City in 1994-1995 and played in at least one Manchester Derby (the 5-0 defeat to Man Utd in 1994). He's also played in the Merseyside Derby, the North London Derby and a Luton Town - Watford derby.

What football player has played in the Manchester and merseyside and sheffield derby?

Imre Varadi

Who has played in a Manchester merseyside Turkish spanish and two London derbys?

Nicholas anlkia

Played in north London derby merseyside derby and Manchester derby?

Craig belamy

Who played in the old firm Manchester and merseyside derby?

Andrei Kanchelskis Andrei Kanchelskis

Who played in Manchester merseyside and Glasgow derbys?

Andrei Kanchelskis, for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers.

Which player has played in the Merseyside Derby Manchester Derby Glasgow Derby and the Madrid Derby?


How many Players have played in the Manchester derby merseyside derby and el classico?

Steve McManaman

Played in Manchester derby and merseyside derby and real Madrid versus Barcelona?

Steve McManmin

Who is the only man to have played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby and milan derby?

Paul Ince

Name the current premiership player that has played in the Manchester merseyside and north London derby?

Robbie Keane has played in both the Mancheter-Merseyside derby (LIVERPOOL vs Manchester United) and the north-london derby (TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Arsenal)

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