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Table Tennis,judo and lawn tennis

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Q: Examples of dual sports
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What are the example of dual sports?

What are the examples of dual sports

What are the Kinds of game of the individual and dual sport?

Individual sports would be things such as surfing, skateboarding, and golf. Tennis and badminton are two examples of dual sports.

Dual sports?

dual sports is a sports that 2 people are playing..because of the word dual it means two.. :DDbobo ang pootekk d masagutan ...dual sports lng.tsk.

What are examples of dual sports?

tennis (single or double matches) is one i can think of off the top of my head!

What are the sports and games in individual or dual sports?

Examples of individual sports include:ArcheryAthleticsArnisBadmintonBocceBodybuildingBoomerangBoxingBowlingBowlsCroquetCyclingDartsDivingEquestrianFencingFigure SkatingFishingGolfGymnasticsKarateKnife ThrowingKrav MagaJudoMixed martial artsOrienteeringPilatesPower LiftingRunningRock climbingShootingSkiingSkimboardingSnowboardingSnookerSpeed skatingSquashSurfingSkateboardingSwimmingTable TennisTaekwondoT'ai chi ch'uanTennisTenpin BowlingTriathlonWrestlingYogaJavelin

What is the history of individual and dual sports?

For me individual sports were invented to have some fun for ourselves and dual sports were invented to create fun for the society.

Give 10 example of dual sport?

Some examples of dual sports include: Wrestling Boxing WWE UFC Cagefighting Arm wrestling Cards Check Ballen Fencing Tennis

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dual sports?

well the advantegas are you win and the disadvanteges are you get hurt

Give examples of dual sports?

I think the Wiki User misunderstood your question. The term "dual sport" most often refers to dual-sport motorcycles, which are street-legal motorcycles designed for both on- and off-road use. Some notable dual-sport motorcycles are the Beta RR-S Line, the Kawasaki KLX250, the Husqvarna FE line, and the Honda CRF450L.

What are examples dual sports?

Dou means to and aul means compition. so any sport were theres 2 people haveing a compition.

4 examples of dual sports?

1. Tennis Doubles 2. Badminton Doubles 3. Billiards Doubles 4. T. Tennis Doubles

What is the difference between individual and dual sports?

Individual sports are played without a team or a partner where as dual sports my be played with two or more individuals. An example of an individual sport is Golf or Singles Tennis. Both sports can, however be played on a team. Most Universities have a Golf or Tennis club (which makes them dual sports as well).

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What are examples of dual sports?

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What are the example of dual sports?

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