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It can play Gameboy Advance games and Gameboy DS games. Not Gameboy pocket or colour games.

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Q: Does dual screen play Game Boy games?
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Which gaming consoles are supported by LG's Dual play feature?

Gaming console is irrelevant. Any game that supports multiplayer split screen mode can utlilize the dual play feature.

How to play move heroes with Dual Shock 3 instead of Playstation Move?

The game Heroes can be played with the dual shock controllers instead of the PlayStation Move. The game will offer you the choice to change the settings to play the game with the controller. Follow the prompts on the screen.

What is dual or individual games?

dual game play is with more than 1 player individual is just 1 person playing it

On a ds lite console will it play gba games and will the top screen be non functional and will the games always play on a single screen only?

the games play on which ever screen you set it to. the touch screen has no function when playing gba games. Proving::::: because when they makes any kind of GBA game, they will make game that for ONLY FOR GBA abvanced (or SP) or GBA color. Because ON GBA and GBA advanced don't have neither double screen (DS) nor touch pad(or screen ) which we call it "tablet".I know, so.... definetely no. You can's have or play GBA game on double screen ...... well you can change bottom or top which screen to play..

Will the touch screen work on a Nintendo ds lite if you play a game boy advanced game?

On most games it doesnt, but on some games it will

Do Game Boy nes games work on Game Boy Advance?

Yes you can. You can also play Game Boy Color games on GBA and you are able to toggle between a stretched, formatted screen and the older game's original screen ratio.

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You simply click the game that you want to play and wait for it to load. If it doesn't load, reload the page and se if that works. Then just follow the instructions in the game and play.

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Can you play a game with other people with out Xbox live?

yes on some games you can play multiplayer using split screen...other then that no

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Yes but the screen is cluttered with ads when you play the game. Unless your really desperate to play the game, dont use it.

Roald dahl website how do you play games?

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Can I play games with 1GB ram and 1 GB graphic card with Pentium Dual Core 2.00 GHz Processor?

It really depends on the game.