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No, its just like a regular field goal.

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Q: Do you get the ball back after a drop kick field goal?
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In the NFL can you score on a blocked field goal?

Both the offense and defense can score on a blocked field goal. The defense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it regardless of where they recover it. The offense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it as long as the ball has not passed the original line of scrimmage.

How many points is a drop kick in the NFL?

A drop kick is worth 1 point if attempted as a Point After Touchdown, or 3 points if attempted as a Field Goal. The points are only rewarded if the attempt is successful of course. A drop kick isn't worth any points, per se, it is simply another method of kicking the ball. It was replaced by the punt in popularity when the shape of the ball was changed (from round to more pointed ends) in the 1930s to make it easier to throw passes. However, the drop kick can still be used, and if a ball is drop kicked through the uprights, it is considered a field goal and worth three points. If a drop kick is used during a point after touchdown (PAT) try, and is successful, it is worth one point. One rarely sees a drop kick tried these days as the more pointed ends make the bounce of the ball very unpredictable.

What is the goal of rugby?

Rugby The prime objective is to ground the ball across the goal line to score a try. In order to do this, a team's players must have possession of the ball. Their opponent's objective is to prevent them from scoring a try. Following a try, the scoring team have theopportunity to place the ball 22 metres as a minimum from the opposing teams goal post and to kick that ball over the cross bar and between the posts - This is a CONVERSATION. The attacking team may score a goal by drop kicking the ball over the cross bar and between the upright posts of the opposing sides goal posts when in position of the ball from anywhere in the "in play" area of the field.

NFL 3rd down field goal is missed does that team still remain possion of the football to retry field goal?

no, they may opt to kick the field goal early to try to beat the clock expiring or to avoid potentially turning the ball over and losing posession. But if they miss, the ball goes over to the other team.

Who was the last player to kick a drop kick field goal?

Douge flutie was the last person to have a drop kick field goal plus he was the qb too. Click on the 'NFL Dropkickers' link on this page to learn about some of the best dropkickers in NFL history.

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Is it a goal if the soccer ball goes in the goal and bounces back in the field?

If the ball completely exits the field across the goal line, between the goal posts, and under the cross bar then a goal is awarded. This is true even if it comes back onto the field.

Can the defense run the ball back on a blocked field goal?


If a field goal is attempted on third down and missed do you still get the fourth down?

no if you miss a field goal you don't get the ball back. if you miss the field goal because it is blocked and you recover the ball behind the lime of scrimmage you get the ball back as long as the kick was not attempted on fourth down.

Is the goal post called a field goal?

In American Football, the goal posts are called the goal posts. A field goal is when a ball is place kicked or drop kicked between the goal posts and above the cross bar.

How much a field goal?

3 points. But a drop kick (which is similar to a field goal) is worth 2 points. A drop kick is where you drop the ball on the ground and let it bounce up in the air then kick it through the goal posts. This is very difficult to do and is very rarely tried in the nfl.

Where can a drop ball occur?

Anywhere on the field, except within one yard of a goal line or touch line or within any goal area.

In football .What if ball goes through the posts and blows back on a field goal.?

The same thing when a ball carrier crosses the goal line and gets pushed back. It's a score!

After each goal how is ball put back in play in soccer?

After a goal has been made, the team who got scored on restarts the match with the ball place in the center of the field, where one player must move the ball on the opponents side of the field to play the ball.

Can the kicking team score on a punt if it goes though the field goal?

No. If the punt crosses the back of the end zone it is a touch back, and the other team takes possession on the 20 yard line. A drop kick, however, where the ball bounces off of the ground first, can be kicked and is treated the same as a field goal.

If a field goal comes up short and stays in the field of play and the defense doesn't recover the ball where is the ball placed?

it is a touch back and the ball go out to the 20 yeard line

Can a soccer goal be directly scored from a drop ball?

Yes. A goal may be scored directly from a drop ball. A drop ball must touch the ground before any player may kick it. Addendum: This is no longer true as of 2014/15 season. A goal may not be scored on the first touch from a drop ball.

Can an NFL team kick a field goal on 4th down if they missed a field goal attempt on 3rd down?

No they cannot. Unless they tried for a fake field goal and didn't succeed, they wouldn't get the ball back. If the field goal is missed, it's a turnover at the spot of the hold.

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