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Yes, there was both an American League team and a National League team in Boston between 1901-1952. The Braves moved to Milwaukee for the 1953 season.

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Q: Did the Boston Braves and the Boston Red Sox play in Boston at the same time?
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Did Vince DiMaggio play for the braves?

Well, he played with the Boston National League team in 1937 and 1938 but they were known as the Bees at the time.

Do the BRAVES play near an ocean?

The only time the Braves play near an ocean is when they are playing away from Atlanta.

What is the Atlanta Braves all-time win-loss record?

As of April 27, 2009 the Atlanta Braves all time win/loss record is 9778-9817. This record includes the time the team was located in Boston and Milwaukee.As of July 29, 2007 the Atlanta Braves all time win/loss record is 9667-9690. This record includes the time the team was located in Boston and Milwaukee.Through the 2011 season, the Braves all-time record is 10,034-10,027.

What is the name of the famed Boston baseball culb franchise?

Currently it would be the Red Sox. At one time, it could have been the Braves when they played in Boston.

Who did the Atlanta Braves beat in the 1914 World Series?

Known as the Boston Braves at the time, they defeated the Philadelphia Athletics, 4 games to 0, to win the 1914 World Series.

If 3 00 in Honolulu what time is it in Boston?

8 am in Boston of the same day

What years have the Atlanta Braves won the World Series?

During their time in Atlanta, the Braves have won the World Series in 1995. The Braves won 1 World Series while in Milwaukee (1957), and 1 while in Boston (1914).

Which year did the braves move from Boston to Milwaukee?

The Boston Bees (as they were at that time in their history) were bought by Lou Perini in 1940, changing their name back to the Braves in the process. Perini announced on March 13, 1953 that he was moving the team to Milwaukee, after fellow baseball owner, Bill Veeck, announced that he had failed in his quest to bring his St. Louis Browns to the same Wisconsin city.

Did chipper Jones play for the Chattanooga lookouts?

No, Chipper remained in the Braves organization his entire career. He was drafted a by the Braves and retired from the Braves. The Lookouts have only been an affilate of the Reds and Dodgers during his time in Baseball. To my knowledge there has been no time that Chattanooga was an affiliate of the Braves

Does Boston have a Major League Baseball team?

No the Celtics are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association. Boston's MLB team is called the "Red Sox" At one time Boston had another team, called the Braves (or the B's in a couple of seasons). That team relocated to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta where they are still called the Braves.

Who was the MLB player that played at the same time as both Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron?

Phil Cavarretta played for the Chicago Cubs in 1934 and finished with the Chicago WhiteSox in 1955. Ruth last season with the Boston Braves was 1935 and the first season for Aaron was 1954 for the Milwaukee Braves.

What time do the giants play the braves today October 10?

At 4:30 p.m., EDT.

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