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Yes, many. Gary Kubiak, head coach of the Houston Texans was a former NFL quarterback.

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Q: Did any NFL quarterbacks become an NFL head coach?
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Who is the first quarterback to be a head coach in the NFL?

In the early years of the NFL there were numerous players/coaches so any given year you had quarterbacks listed as head coach also....

Who is the only NFL head coach to win super bowls with 3 different quarterbacks?

joe gibbs

How can you become a NFL head coach?

Send your resume to all of the NFL teams.

When did NFL Head Coach happen?

NFL Head Coach happened in 2006.

Do NFL quarterbacks have communication devices in helmets?

All NFL quarterbacks have communication devices in their helmets so the coach could say to the quarterback what play he must do.

When was NFL Head Coach created?

NFL Head Coach was created on 2006-06-20.

What does a head coach of a NFL team do?

coach the players

Who was the first NFL coach for the NFL football team cardinals?

The Cardinals' first season in the NFL was 1920 and their head coach was Paddy Driscoll. He was head coach from 1920-1922.

What are the requirements to be a football coach?

how can i become an NFL coach?

What is Don Shula's son's name who coaches in the NFL?

Son David Shula was a head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals in the nineties, while his other son Mike Shula is the quarterbacks coach for the Miami Dolphins. Mike Shula became a Division I-A Head Coach at the young age of 38.

Who is the NFL head coach Tennessee?

Jeff Fisher is the head coach of the Tennessee Titans!!

Who is the youngest NFL head coach 2008?

Laine Kiffin was the coach for the Oakland Raiders and the youngest NFL head coach in 2008. He was dismissed after 4 games.

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