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NO!! NO!!

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Q: Did Mike Shula ever beat Auburn as the coach for Alabama?
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Who was the Alabama coach in 1986?

Ray Perkins. Perkins was head coach of Alabama between 1983-1986.

What was Mike Shula's record vs Tennessee in his 4 years as the Alabama head coach?

Mike Shula was 1-3 against Tennessee at Alabama. 2006: Tennessee 16, Alabama 13 2005: Alabama 6, Tennessee 3 2004: Tennessee 17, Alabama 13 2003: Tennessee 51, Alabama 43

Did Mike Holmgren coach Don Shula?


What is Don Shula's son's name who coaches in the NFL?

Son David Shula was a head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals in the nineties, while his other son Mike Shula is the quarterbacks coach for the Miami Dolphins. Mike Shula became a Division I-A Head Coach at the young age of 38.

What are the release dates for Head Coach - 2007 Mike Shula - 1.6?

Head Coach - 2007 Mike Shula - 1.6 was released on: USA: 24 March 2007

What number did Mike Shula wear at Alabama?


What was Alabama coach Mike Price's coaching record?

Mike Price had no record at Alabama. He was released after Spring Practice and never coached an actual game for Alabama. Mike Shula was hired to replace him, since it was at a time of year when coaches do not change jobs they were forced to hire a Pro Assistant.

What are the release dates for Head Coach - 2007 Mike Shula 1-6?

Head Coach - 2007 Mike Shula 1-6 was released on: USA: 24 March 2007

In Mike Shula's 4 year career as head football coach at Alabama did he ever beat Auburn?

No. 1) 2003 - lost 28-23 2) 2004 - lost 21-13 3) 2005 - lost 28-18 4) 2006 - lost 22-15

How many coaches has Alabama university had in the past 10 years?

5 Different Coaches 2008 Nick Saban 2007 Nick Saban 2006 Mike Shula 2005 Mike Shula 2004 Mike Shula 2003 Mike Shula 2002 Dennis Franchione 2001 Dennis Franchione 2000 Mike DuBose 1999 Mike DuBose 1998 Mike DuBose

Who was Alabama's football coach before Mike Shula?

Mike Price. Price was hired to replace Dennis Franchione after the 2002 season but didn't coach a game for the Tide. He was fired in the spring of 2003 over allegations of misconduct at an off-campus function.

Where is tk and mike from?

TK and mike are from around Auburn, Alabama. I think Mike died though.