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Gridiron (American football) bases alot of it principles on Rugby. one cannot however say union as there alot of similarities with rugby league. the similarities are somewhat due to Americas independence and wanting to be different. when people emigrated to America they brought with them rugby however along the way some of the rules were forgotten and so new ones made up. a vague answer but a difficult question

Yes Gridiron did originate from Rugby Union.

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Q: Did American football originate from Rugby Union?
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NFL Why is it called a touchdown when you don't?

American football is derived from an English game called Rugby Union. In Rugby the equivalent to a touch down is called a try. To score a try you have to "touch the ball down" on the ground.

Was football the first team game in the Olympics?

The team sports of football, tug of war, and rugby union debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris.

What are some sports played in Georgia Southwest Asia?

basketball, wrestling, football (soccer), rugby union.

Why is American football called football if the feet are hardly used?

Because Soccer, Rugby and American/Canadian football all have their roots in a similar variety of games that all involved (to varying degrees) kicking a ball through a goal, all of which were commonly called football. Different regions of the world each called the game that became most popular in their region by the generic name of football. American Football, Australian Rules Football (aka Rugby) and Soccer (international football) are simply reflecting this historical naming confusion. The players feet are not "hardly" used in American Football. They use their feet through the entire game; they just don't touch the ball as often as in soccer. It's also worth noting that of all the world's football codes (soccer, American/gridiron football, rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules football, Gaelic football), soccer is the ONLY one that prohibits use of the hands. All of the other codes allow all players to use the hands, and they all involve kicking to a greater or lesser degree.

When did football originate?

If you mean 'American football", it evolved from English rugby. The first recorded game was between two US universities in 1869. The game got its more or less present form and rules in 1882. If you mean football as the rest of the world knows it - and called 'soccer' in the US - it has ancient roots and forms of it were already played more than 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome, Greece and China. The first set of modern rules was drawn up in Cambridge in the UK in 1848. The 'Football Association Rules" were first drawn up in 1863. As an aside to this, the RFU (Rugby Football Union) which was the originator of the game (Rugby) as we know it to day and as stated above was the model used for American Football actually was created because of the Football Associations Rules being implemented as at the time the game of Rugby and football were actually the same game. It was a decision to only allow kicking of the ball, handling was an offence and tackling and bringing the ball carrier down that forced those that loved the game to form the RFU and seek out their own rules. These were formalised in the same year as foorball (Soccer)

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