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Independence Day is a day of celebrating our independence.

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Q: Can yog give me Speech on Indian independence day?
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Who will give the speech on January 26th Indian Independence day for 2nd STD?

for 26th January

Can you give me Short speech on Pakistan independence day?


How do you do speech Independence Day?

small and varity speech

How do you write Independence Day speech?

small and varity speech

How do you give a speech for a vote of thanks for Independence Day in India?

A speech for a vote of thans for India's Independence Day should start by thanking the people for being there. It should then talk about how thankful you are for India's independence and give several reasons for being thankful, highlighting achievements obtained by India being independent. Then, you could conclude with comments that look toward India's future as an independent nation.

Why india celebrate independence day a small speech?

India celebrate independence day because on this day it was free from the british rule

When is Indian flag day in brief?

15 August.........independence day.............

What is the important of the Independence Day?

I am asked to 3 to 4 minutes speech on independence day on 15th plz provide me some stuff

In which year 26Th January was celebrated as Indias Independence day?

In 1930, January 26th was celebrated as Indian Independence Day.

How to give 2 min speech on independence day in a high school?

If you need to ask this question then should you really be in high school? My advice to you would be too look at the trailer for the film then base your speech around it as film trailers are usually about 2 mins in length. I assume that you mean the film 'Independence Day'? :)

Slogans on independence day?

Be an Indiando an Indianlive an Indiandie an Indian

Is Indian Independence Day celebrated throughout the whole of India?