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I believe this IS allowed in the NFL so long as the ball leaves the kicker's foot before crossing the line of scrimmage. I can't recall though ever seeing this type of kick DONE in an NFL game. ----

A field goal is attempted when the ball is placed on the ground for the kicker to kick or when the ball is dropped to the ground and kicked once it touches the ground and starts its bounce back up. In other words, the ball must have touched the ground or is touching the ground when the kick is attempted for the attempt to be considered a 'field goal attempt'. A punt occurs when a kicker kicks the ball before it has touched the ground. No points can be scored by a punt. So the answer to the question, as I understand it, is no.

No. If a punted ball travels through the uprights, no points are scored. The ball has to make contact with the ground before it's kicked to score points, either by placekick or dropkick.

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Q: Can the kicker punt the ball into the uprights on a fieldgoal?
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What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

How do you punt a football?

kick the ball with your foot

What is a punt in football?

A punt in football tends to be when the football is hit with the toes, rather then the inside of the foot or the laces of the boot. Punt is sometimes used to describe hitting the ball very hard and out of control. 'punt it' upfield, rather then pass it upfield. Punt also is a slang term for putting a bet on. 'having a punt on the horses'

What is shortest punt return for touchdown in NFL?

The shortest punt return for a touchdown was by Shaun Gayle, of the Chicago Bears, who returned a five yard punt for a touchdown against the New York Giants during the 1985-86 NFL divisional playoffs. It was a very windy, 16 degree day at Soldier Field, and when punter Sean Landeta attempted the punt, the wind caused the ball to go off the side of his foot. In fact, Landeta almost completely missed the ball. Gayle then picked the ball up at the five yard line and returned it unchallenged. The Bears went on to win 21-0.

What is the shortest punt in the NFL?

In a game in 1985 between the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears, the Redskins punter, Jeff Hayes, suffered a knee injury and could not perform his duties. QB Joe Theismann volunteered to punt. On his first punt, he shanked the ball off the side of his foot and the ball went exactly one yard past the line of scrimmage. Seattle Seahawks Punter Ruben Rodriguez during a game in the late 80's kicked a ball so poorly it went almost directy up in the air above his head. It was untouched and rolled near the scrimmage line, eventually losing two yards on the play.

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What is the difference betweeen a punt and a field goal in football?

A punt is when the kicker drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground. You cannot score any points on a punt (unless the receiver muffs or fumbles the ball, making it live). A field goal must be kicked off the ground, either by place-kick or drop-kick, and must travel between the uprights to score. A place-kick is where a holder places the ball on the ground for the kick. A drop-kick is where the kicker does not use a holder, and instead drops the ball and kicks it when it touches the ground or as it bounces off the ground.

Roughing the kicker. If a punt is blocked can you hit the punter without getting a penalty for roughing the kicker?

Yes, if the ball is deflected there can be no roughing/running into the kicker penalty. Also, if the punter drops the snap there can be no penalty.

What do you put a football on when you punt it?

Nothing you hike it back yo the kicker and he kicks it like a golly kicks when he gets the ball.

Catch a pass off a goal post?

No. In NFL football, once a ball hits the uprights (goal post), whether from a pass or a missed field goal or a punt, it is out of play.

Is a punt kicker also a field goal kicker?

This question has to be the oddest I have ever seen. The punter punts, and the kicker is the place kicker. On occasion, if one is injured they may intercede

Who was the NFL kicker who took off shoe to punt?

the guy with one leg

Can a punt in fourth down be the same as a field goal?

Well, a punt is considered turning over the ball by kicking it downfield, thus making your opponent's field position much worse than if you tried to get the first down and failed. A field goal is an attempt to get 3 points. But, maybe you're thinking of a drop kick, which looks like a punt (or at least a play from the line of scrimmage) but the kicker lets the ball drop and after it bounces kicks it through the uprights. This counts the same as a field goal (3 points). Due to the odd shape of the ball, this is a rare feat (it's very hard to do correctly). Doug Flutie did it in week 17 of the 2005 season, and he was the first to convert one in 60-something years.

What is it called when your team receives a punt and runs the ball?

It is called a punt return.

What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

The Start and Restart of Play in football?

On a play from scrimmage, on a punt, or on a field goal, play starts when the Center snaps the ball. On a kick-off, play starts when the kicker kicks the ball. Play stops when one of the referees blows the whistle.

When would a football team decide to punt?

A team would decide to punt the football in their final down. They would punt the ball to relinquish the ball if the team is struggling to win the game.

How do you punt the ball in Madden 2009?


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