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nope, they changed that rule this year.

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Q: Can a pro football team warm the footballs up prior to using them in a play in cold weather?
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Footballs name which FIFA using for this years world cup?

Adidas Jabulani.

When did France start using francs?

France has been using the Euro since it was established in 2002. Prior to that France used the French franc.

How did geography and weather affect the outcome of the battle of coral sea?

by using battleships

Who found football and how?

i would suggest Google or to get some more info! i got this info from Google, which brought me 2 wiki answers, to the question, who invented the game of football! Throughout history people have played sports involving ball and using hands, feet and sticks. Each local area had their own rules so there was no definitive global definition of any sport. In the 1300's the king of England Edward III banned football, hockey and handball. This shows a difference between sports using the feet, hands and sticks. So football was traditionally played using the feet and not the hands. In 1863 at Cambridge university a group of Englishmen formed the Football Association and invented football. After this event many other "versions" of football were invented. Rugby and Australian rules were the first. In north America rugby and football were both played, and a hybrid of these two sports was invented called Gridiron (American football) The first sport called football with global rules is football, other sports using the term football have words placed in front such as rugby, Gridiron (American) or Aussie Rules (Australian) or Gaelic (Irish) to differentiate them from football. There remains only one football accepted by FIFA and the Olympic committee.

When was the NFL formed?

While it was organized professional football that would become the NFL, it was called the American Professional Football Conference and formed August 20, 1920. The NFL itself, using the name National Football League, was formed in June , 1922.