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Yeah, a player can wear any number he/she feels like. But its's up to the manager.

In my team yes, Ushaly "0" is a player with no number, so if you shirt hasn't got a number yet and you were the only one on the team then they would just put you down as 0, :)

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2011-09-12 15:05:36
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Q: Can a player wear the number 0 in soccer?
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Soccer players who wear 0?

None The Lowest Legal Number is No.1 Outfielders Can Also Wear The No.1 Shirt

Can a NBA player wear a number 0 on his jersey?

yes, Gilbert arenas, agent 0, jersey #0

What famous soccer player wears jersey number 0?

Hicham Zerouali and Steve Cronin, both used number 0 just for 1 season

Can you wear number 0 playing football?

No, it is not possible to wear the number 0 on a football jersey. However, the 0 jersey was issued in the NFL before the number standardization in 1973.

Why cant a player wear 0 or 00 in hockey?

because it is not a number and if that #0 or 00 scored he ref can't say 0 or 0 scored and in all hockey leagues 0 and 00 number are banned this is my anwer from: carry price NHL montreal goalie

What is the jersey number of the goalie or keeper?

Generally, soccer goalies will have the number 0, 00, or 1.

Who is the 10 year old soccer player that beat ronaldo 100-0?


What current professional sports players wear number 0?

number 0: Al Oliver (Baseball)

Can a player wear 0 or 00 in hockey?

Yes, a player can wear any number they choose, provided they are the only member of their team that has it and the number is clearly defined on their unifrom. It is a number normally used by goalkeepers only, but many of these choose (or are given) other numbers, so it opens up the opportunity for their teammates.

How are numbers used in baseball?

Player can wear 0-99.

Which professional atheletes wear number 1?

Anyone can wear the number 1 on their jerseys. If only the players who were truly #1, and the number really determined how good the player, Gilbert Arenas, one of the best ballers in the history, would be 0 good. So, anybody can have the number 1. The jersey number doesn't determine the player's abilities or potential.

Famous Football players who wore number 0?

the player to number 0 was jean

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