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Yes. The Raiders moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1982. After 13 years, they returned to Oakland in 1995.

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Q: Are the LA Raiders and the Oakland Raiders the same team?
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Did the Oakland Raiders used to be the kc raiders?

No. They were the LA Raiders for a period between the time they were the Oakland Raiders.

When did the raiders move from Oakland to LA?

They in Oakland nOw foo

What team did Howie Long play for in the NFL?

Howie Long played for the Oakland/LA Raiders from 1981-1983

How many Super Bowls did the raiders lose?

2 - once as the Oakland Raiders and once as the LA Raiders

Is it true the Oakland Raiders are moving to LA?

Al Davis does not plan to.

Who owns LA Raiders?

No one. There is no such team.

Did Marcus Allen play as an Oakland Raider?

No. Marcus Allen played with the Raiders between 1982-1992. The team was located in Los Angeles during the time he played for them. The Raiders played in LA from 1982-1994.

How many Super Bowls do the raideers have?

3:one as la raiders and two as oakland

What two teams left LA and where?

The Rams went to St.Louis and the Raiders went back to Oakland.

What year was the first raider season in la?

The Raiders' history dates back to 1960. The team originally played in Oakland, Calif., but it moved to Los Angeles before the 1982 season. The Raiders played its first game in Los Angeles Sept. 29, 1982. The team stayed in Los Angeles until after the 1994 season and then moved back to Oakland.

Value of a 1968 Kansas City Chiefs team autographed football?

We currently have for sale on eBay (, a 1968 AFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 50) of the Oakland Raiders team and a 1972 NFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 52) of the LA Rams team. The bidding starts at $2,500.00 for the Raiders autographed football and $980 for the LA Rams football. Check them out!

Who was the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders from 1985-1989?

They were the LA Raiders in 1985-9. Their quarterbacks were Jim Plunkett, Marc Wilson, Jay Schroeder, and Steve Beuerlein.

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