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Go for to points or kick a field goal for one point after the touchdown this field goal is known as an extra point.

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Q: After scoring a touchdown a team can choose to do what?
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Is an extra point a touchdown?

No. The extra point is what a team attempts after scoring a touchdown.

What is the eating gesture celebration after a touchdown?

It symbolizes the person scoring the touchdown is "feeding" his teammates or ensuring when he "eats"(scoring the touchdown), they all, as a team, eat. Hope that explains it!!

When scoring how many points do you get for kicking after scoring a touchdown?

You mean the extra point a team tries to get after a touchdown, right? It's one point, so if the team makes a touchdown and the point, they would've made 7 points total :)

Who NFL team has won a Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown?

Denver broncis

What team was being played when Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone while scoring a touchdown?

Iowa State

How many points do you get for a touchdown in the NFL?

The scoring team is given 6 points for the touchdown. They also get the choice to kick an extra point or go for a two-point conversion after the touchdown takes place.

How do you spell touchdown?

That is the correct spelling of "touchdown" (a football scoring play).

Celebrate after scoring a touchdown in college?

yes. do celebrate.

How do you play professional football?

by throwing a ball and scoring a touchdown

Who gets the ball after the defense returns a point after attempt?

The team scoring a field goal or touchdown is normally required to kick off to the opponent regardless of the results of the try. In high school the team sored upon can choose to kick off but in 35 years of officiating I have never seen this happen.

If a football player kicks off the ball and another player on the opposite team recevices it and makes the touch down from there how many points will that team gain?

All touchdowns are worth six points. It doesn't matter how the touchdown is scored, via a pass, a run, or on a kickoff or punt return. After the touchdown, the scoring team receives a "point after touchdown" attempt for one or two extra points.

Who went to Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown?

Ravens I Think

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