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It means she has only one nipple as she was born with one nipple.

and also that her parents did not like her. :)

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Q: What does it means if a female has one nipple?
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What area of the nipple do you pierce?

That can vary from male to female.

Why do female nipple stay hard?

mostly it means you're turned on by something or someone.

What is jenish means?

It means Mexican Nipple.

What is the medical term meaning absence of a nipple?

Athelia means absence of a nipple.

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the nipple on the female boob area

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i got at her ;)

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If you're a male, than it probably means that it's just hormones, it happened to me at 12. I'm not sure about female though.

Where can one find breast ducts?

Breast ducts, more commonly known as lactiferous ducts, form a branched system which connect to the tip of the nipple in the breast. These are the structures which carry milk to the nipple in a lactating female.

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Only if the male goat is the female goats son.

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Well that depends on gender, male or female. Male nipple piercing is momentarily intense due to the lack of actual tissue. Female nipple piercing is also intense but my client say that it's a diffrent type of intense (not so much pain)

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If there are any small cuts or abrasions on the nipple, or if milk is sucked from the nipple, the aids virus could be transmitted.