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Q: Sore swollen dog nipples not in heat?
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How long do a dog's nipples stay swollen after heat cycle?

A dog's nipples can stay swollen for about 1-2 weeks after their heat cycle ends. However, if the swelling persists for longer than this or is accompanied by other symptoms, it's important to consult a veterinarian to rule out any underlying issues.

Your dog has 2 swollen nipples after giving birth but the others are fine is this normal?

well i am not sure but i think it is normal because my dog had pupps and she was fine my friend's dogs nipples were swollen !

Are female dogs nipples enlarged during heat or is this a sign of pregnancy?

I actually was wondering the same thing. I have a dog who is 11 months old and in her first heat. I called the vet because I was worried she may be pregnant when I noticed her nipples were swollen. I called my vet and they said it is normal during heat.

Why are the female dog's private swollen?

These are one of the cues that indicate a dog is in heat.

Is the mother dog reluctant to feed because her nipples are sore and what can be done?

check out the pills and creams at

Are there any health problems if a dog has inverted nipples?

No, If you are talking about a female dog which I assume your are, the dog's nipples should become more normal after it is able to go in heat and if that does not happen it, it will happen when the dog is pregnant It is the exact same way with humans.

Does congestive heart failure in dogs have anything to do with swollen nipples in female dogs?

I think that if there is something that you aren't sure about with your dog then you should take she/he to the vet. Did your female dog just have puppies?

Why is your dog been of heat for 3 months and her breasts are still swollen?

Bitch is pregnant.

After heat do a dogs nipples go back to normal?

Yes, after heat cycles, a female dog's nipples usually return to their normal size and appearance. It is common for the nipples to swell and become more prominent during heat due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow to the area.

What does it mean when a dog has milk in her nipples?

Your dog could be pregnant, or they could be going through a 'false pregnancy', which means they're showing all the signs of being pregnant, minus the puppies. The only way to be sure is to take your dog to the vet.

Your dog has become a lot calmer and her vagina has become swollen and has started to drip blood could this be sign that she is pregnant?

This is a sign that your dog is in heat.

Where are labrador nipples located?

They are located on the Labs belly. It is the same with every female dog. If your dog never went through a heat they might be harder to spot than if they did go through a heat.