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What is the correct definition of ecology

The environment as it relates to living organisms; the science of the relationships between organisms and their environments.

Which of the following bodies of water may be cold

Flowing rivers and streams,Spring-fed bodies of water,Most open water except in tropical regions,All of the above

What is the opposite of warm up

cool down

Which of the following sports is almost always illegal

BASE jumping

What best describes hypothermia

Hypothermia is the condition when your body's core temperature becomes dangerously low, usually below 35 degrees C.

apex- A potentially fatal drop in core body temperature.

Which of the following is an aerobic outdoor sport

Running away from wolves, chasing squirrels, professional pole-vaulting, and underwater basket weaving.

How can you help stay motivated to continue working out after PE ends

You can establish a home regimen doing the exercises from class, and set goals to reach as you improve your performance.

What else are extreme sports sometimes called

Action and Adventure Sports

Is the only line of latitude that is a Great Circle is the equator ture or false

That question is a ture statement.


Which of the following are fire prevention guidelines

B. Never leave a fire unattended

C. Extinguish all fires and burning coals or embers with water or dirt.

E. Hold used matches in your fingers until they are cool.

A proper cool down routine does

Helps the body adjust back to a resting state.

Which of the following statements about racial groups in the US is true

Which of the following statements about racial groups in the U.S. is true?

Which of the followi ng is not a safety tip for outdoor activities

Go alone for a sense of oneness with nature.

What of the following is not a good way to stay hydrated during an outdoor trip

D. Bring soda and other sugary beverages

Which sport was started thousands of years to go as a primary means of transportation

Both A and B

What of the following statements about skiing is not true

downhill skiing is currently the only common form of the sport

What of the following statement not true about orienteering is not true

Your question is incomplete. What are the "following statements"

Outdoor sports:

Can be done anywhere outside

Which of the following is not a benefit of anaerobic exercise

Increased lung capacity

Which of the following statements about the X Games is not true

The X Games are held every four