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What are the Defenders called om a netball team

The defenders in a netball team are: Goal defence (GD) Goal Keeper(GK) Wing Defence(WD) Centre is considered a defender and an attacker(C)

Where is badminton played

Badminton is played indoors on a badminton court. So as to prevent the interference of the wind.

Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

It would depend on who committed the foul.

A foul committed by a defender, against an attacker, in the penalty area is a penalty kick for the attackers. A foul committed by an attacker, against a defender, in the penalty area is a direct free kick for the defense.

What are the substitution rules in basketball

Substitutions are rolling and can be made during a break in play.

What are some basketball related words that begin with the letter K

key (area on the basketball court)

How do you start Basketball game

with the jumpball

Why is basketball exiting

Basketball can have possibilities on how to score.

Conclusion to play badminton

People come to the conclusion to play badminton because it is fun for them to play. Badminton is an outdoor, and typically causal, racket sport.

What is an unreturned serve in tennis called

If the player is unable to hit the serve then it is an ace. But if the player hits the ball but does not return it, then it is a forced error.

What happens if a defender kicks the ball over the goal line but not through the goal

if a defender kicks it over the line where their goal it is a corner

Name one track event in athletics

100 meters

How do you find the old Wonka 3d tart game

Well Google 3D tart game and it will come up. This is what I did and it worked.

How do you spell goalscorer

The term "goal scorer" (sports) may also be seen hyphenated "goal-scorer."

What is a serious foul in soccer called

Professional foul

What is the basketball score called

its the score it does not have a name

When does the clock start in basketball game

Starts with possession of jump-ball to start game

What is the fielder behind the batter called


Who is the person in charge of a tennis match

The umpire

What is a spare player in sport called


What is a goal scorer in sport called


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