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The four major stages of the development of the biography genre through history include all but

the Internet era and the "blogosphere."

The four major stages of the development of the biography genre through history include the social model of development, the biological model of intellectual development, the elaboration of the logical model of intellectual development and the study of figurative thought. Jean Paiget observed, tested and created a theoretical research program about the stages of development.

When Emerson speaks of men and women he often uses

sexist language.

Does Emerson think that kids or adults are more likely to speak their mind and act as they wish

Kids because they haven't been corrupted or beaten down by society.

In general biographies have trended from what to what since their origin to today

Biographies have trended from non-objective and including little or no critical evaluation of the subject to more objective and including more critical evaluation of the subject. They also trended from dealing with social elites, such as rulers and saints, to dealing more with everyday people.

What does Emerson consider to be the essence of genius of virtue and of life


The writer believes that eyewitness accounts of a crime aren't always reliable


A biography that deals with only factual information and in which everything not backed by reliable primary sources is discarded is called

authentic biography

What was Hypatia's most memorable contribution

She was known for mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy in ancient Egypt.

Her biographer conclusively proves that Hypatia did invent the astrolabe

B. False

Which biography includes more primary sources speaking directly about the subject of the biography


Although the biographer cannot prove it she believes strongly that Hypatia invented the astrolabe


According to her biographer Hypatia was raised in an atmosphere of


Who takes the narrator's celery toward the end of the essay

A stranger at an inn

Alexandria Egypt was the birthplace of

A. Hypatia

According to her biographer, one reason Joyner-Kersee is the greatest female athlete of the 20th century is because:

she was one of the best track-and-field athletes in the history of the sport.


John Handley ! :D
Does Joyner-Kersee's biographer include excerpts from interviews with members of the US women's soccer team


Who is the protagonist in Self-Reliance


In which sports did Jackie Joyner-Kersee win an Olympic medal

The Heptathlon and the Long Jump.

Joyner Kersee's biographer includes excerpts from interviews with members of the US womens soccer team


What would Emerson say is the inspiration provided by great thinkers such as the Biblical character Moses the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and the English poet John Milto

They spoke what they thought, not what others thought.

Which of the following statements correctly describes the excerpt below from Lincolns Gettysburg's address

Big Freddy Says B >>>apex

Which of the following statements about racial groups in the US is true

Which of the following statements about racial groups in the U.S. is true?

The narrator never becomes comfortable with the idea that autumn is approaching. Apex


Which of the statements below is not correct about the Excerpt from the passage below taken from a speech by susan B. Anthony

All of the above

Based on the overall tone of the essay we can infer that the narrator is joking when he writes He realized later what he had done and apologized but of what good is an apology in such circumstances


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