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Its difficult to say but the whole heel/face concept was pushed originally by the 'Golden Trio' of Ed Lewis, Billy Sandow and Toots Mondt who revolutionised the industry in the 1920s.

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Q: Who was the first ever heel of wrestling?
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What does face mean in wrestling?

A heel in professional wrestling is a villain character. A face in professional wrestling is a hero character. The vast majority of wrestling storylines place a heel against a face. A face character and a heel character are entirely kayfabe (not real) and do not show there true personality.

Is a heel drop a wreslting move?

yes a heel drop is a wrestling move.

What is a babyface in wrestling?

A Babyface or a face is the "good guy or goodie" in wrestling where as a heel is the "bad guy"

Why did the Rock turn heel in 2003?

Because he was not wrestling in WWE and went to Hollywood instead The Rock did not turn heel.

What is a heel turn?

A heel turn is when a wrestler, whether it be a man or woman, turns into a "bad guy". They are considered the villain character of wrestling.

Will rey mysterio ever turn heel?

It is not known if Rey Mysterio will ever turn heel. Many people have thought he has came close to turning heel.

Was Kane ever a heel on WWE?

Yes. He currently isKane was ALWAYS a heel!

Who made first wrestling video game?

The first ever wrestling video game called Pro Wrestlingwas released in 1986. It was a Nintendo Entertainment System game developed by TRY Corporation.

Where can you buy heel balls in Pokemon white?

OK first of all its heal balls not heel if you've ever played Pokemon and second of all you find them at the Pokemon league! hope this helps!

Where can you find AJ Styles Heel Remix theme like on TV?

In New Japan Pro Wrestling

What is A Proper Definition For the Wrestling Term Tweener?

Someone who is between a babyface (good guy) or heel (bad guy).

Was The Ultimate Warrior ever heel?

He was a heel VERY early in his career as a part of the Blade Runners Tag-Team (With Steve Borden who went on to become Sting). But when he became 'The Ultimate Warrior', he didn't portray a heel ever since.