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The best catcher is JORGE POSADA!

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Q: Who is the greatest defensive catcher of all time?
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Who is the greatest catcher of all time in womens softball?

Dottie Green

Why is Alan Page famous?

because he was the greatest Defensive Tackle of all time

Who is the Denver Broncos greatest defensive tackle of all time?

It has to be Trevor Pryce.

What defensive position in baseball has control over all other positions?


How many baseball players are allowed in the outfield at one time?

You can place as many players in the OF that you want. Considering that the pitcher and catcher must stay in position, that gives you seven players to play in the OF, if you so wish. Remember that the only defensive player allowed to be stationed in foul territory is the catcher who must be in the catcher's box when the pitch is delivered. The only two defensive positions that are set by rule is the pitcher and catcher. All other fielders may play where the manager wants them to play. So, to answer your question, as many as seven defensive players are allowed to play in the outfield at any one time.

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-Logan Mankins-

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Deion Sanders

Who was the hardest defensive back of all time?

ronnie lott

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