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well he dated wwe wrestler Ashley in the year 07 and in 08 no one in 09 yes but she is a local girl in Cameron North Carolina.

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Matt Hardy is dating Reby Sky!

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Q: Who is Matt Hardy dating?
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Are Matt Hardy Maria dating?

yes they are

Are Matt hardy and maria dating?

That was a storyline

Who is Matt hardy dating in the WWE?


Is Matt Hardy dating Trish Stratus?


Is Matt Hardy dating Maria?

Matt Hardy and Maria had an on-screen relationship which ended when Maria was released from her WWE contract. Other than that they are not dating.

Is Matt Hardy of WWE dating anyone?

Matt is currently single

Who is WWE Ashley dating?

probably Ashley Is dating Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy and Candice Michelle?

What about them? They are NOT dating eachother!

Does Matt Hardy have a girlfriend as of 2009?

Matt is currently single and not dating anyone.

Is Matt hardy dating layla?

no of course not gosh people Layla is ugly as Michelle mccool is. i think mickey James would e better dating Matt hardy

Is lita Married?

no but shes currenly dating Matt hardy

Is WWE matt hardy dating anyone?

Yes Rebysky