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Jim Rom, with full name James Philip Rome, made some cameo appearance in the movies Space Jam which was a huge hit movie and this made him famous and also the thoroughbreds.

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Jim Rome is a sports radio talk show host. He also has his own television show on ESPN, Jim Rome Is Burning.

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Q: Who is Jim Rome?
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What is Jim Rome's birthday?

Jim Rome was born on October 14, 1964.

How tall is Jim Rome?


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Yes, Colin Quinn is married to Jim Rome. They were marrried on April 20, 2004, and have 9 children. 5 boys, 3 girls, and 1 transvesdite. They reside in Goobertown, Indiana.

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What is the birth name of Jim Rome?

Jim Rome's birth name is James Phillip Rome.

When was Jim Rome born?

Jim Rome was born on October 14, 1964.

What is Jim Rome's birthday?

Jim Rome was born on October 14, 1964.

Is Jim Rome black?

No. Rome is white.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Last Word with Jim Rome - 1997?

The cast of The Last Word with Jim Rome - 1997 includes: Jim Rome as Himself - Host

When did Jim Rome Is Burning end?

Jim Rome Is Burning ended on 2012-01-27.

When was Jim Rome Is Burning created?

Jim Rome Is Burning was created on 2003-05-06.

What nicknames does Jim Rome go by?

Jim Rome goes by J' Ro, Romy, Rome, Van Smack, and V-Smack.

How old is Jim Rome?

Jim Rome is 50 years old (birthdate: October 14, 1964).

Did Jim rome play sports?


How tall is Jim Rome?


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