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The professors at Cornell and graduates of Cornell have been awarded Nobel Prizes in the specified fields.

Robert F. Furchgott Physiology and Medicine 1998
David M. Lee Physics 1996
Douglas Osheroff Physics 1996
Robert C. Richardson Physics 1996
Robert W. Fogel Economics 1993
Toni Morrison Literature 1993
Richard Ernst Chemistry 1991
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Physics 1991
Wole Soyinka Literature 1986
Barbara McClintock ¿27 Medicine 1983
Kenneth G. Wilson Physics 1982
Roald Hoffman Chemistry 1981
Sheldon Glashow ¿54 Physics 1979
Steven Weinberg ¿54 Physics 1979
Robert W. Holley Medicine 1968
Hans A. Bethe Physics 1967
Manfred Eigen Chemistry 1965
Richard P. Feynman Physics 1965
Hannes Alfven Physics 1960
Peter B. Medawar Physiology and Medicine 1960
George W. Beadle ¿31 Physiology 1958
Vincent du Vigneaud Chemistry 1955
John R. Mott 1888 Peace 1946
Hermann J. Muller Physiology and Medicine 1946
James B. Sumner Chemistry 1946
Isador Isaac Rabi ¿19 Physics 1944
Pearl S. Buck Literature 1938
Peter J. W. Debye Chemistry 1936

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Q: Who are some famous Alumni from Cornell?
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