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He is named after an uncle, but is otherwise unsure of the origins.

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Q: Where did Plaxico Burress get his name?
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Is Plaxco Burress and Kandi Burress related?

I dnt think so.. but they sure as hell look alike....

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What is the birth name of Plaxico Burress?

Plaxico Burress's birth name is Plaxico Antonio Burress.

What nicknames does Plaxico Burress go by?

Plaxico Burress goes by Plexiglass.

Is his name plexico burris or plaxico burris?

it's spelled Plaxico but pronounced Plexico! Wacked out!

What is Plaxico Burress's birthday?

Plaxico Burress was born on August 12, 1977.

When was Plaxico Burress born?

Plaxico Burress was born on August 12, 1977.

What famous athletes' last name ended with SS?

Plaxico Burress

How old is Plaxico Burris?

Plaxico Burress is 31 years old.

How old is Plaxico Burress?

Former NFL receiver Plaxico Burress is 39 years old (birthdate: August 12, 1977).

Was Plaxico Burress ever on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes. Plaxico Burress was originally drafted by the Steelers and played for the team from 2000-2004.

Is plaxico buress still in jail?

Yes, Plaxico Burress is still in jail.

What race is plaxico burress?


When did plaxico burressget sent to prisen?

Plaxico Burress was sent to prison on September 22, 2009