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Art Monk was a first round choice of the Redskins in the 1980 NFL draft.

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Q: What year was Art Monk drafted by the Redskins?
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What was Art Monk's number?

Art Monk wore #81 for the Redskins between 1980-1993.

Who is the Greatest wr in redskins history?

Art Monk #81

What was the nickname for Gary Clark Ricky Sanders and Art Monk when they played for the Redskins?

Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders and Art Monk were collectively know as The Posse when they played for the Washington Redskins.

Who wore number 81 jersey for Washington Redskins?

Art Monk

Players of Washington Redskins with most touchdowns in single game?

Art Monk

Which redskins made up the posse?

Art Monk Gary Clark Ricky Sanders

Who is the all time receiving leader for Redskins?

Art Monk is the Redskins' all time leader in receptions and receiving yards with 888 receptions and 12,026 receiving yards.

What year was art monk inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

Art Monk was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008.

Who is the Redskins all time leader in pass receptions?

That would be Art Monk, with 888 receptions, 12,026 yards and 65 Touchdowns.

Only Art Monk and Charlie Taylor caught more passes for more yards in a Redskins' uniform than this man. Who is he?

Gary Clark.

Who is better Cris Carter or Art Monk?

Art Monk

What is the birth name of Art Monk?

Art Monk's birth name is Monk, James Arthur.