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idk probaly good grades

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Q: What were tony hawk's grades like?
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How tall is Clinton Hawks?

Clinton Hawks is 5' 11".

Is it good to not like school but get good grades?

By and large, the only person who really cares whether or not you like school is you. A somewhat larger group may take an interest in your grades. On the whole, getting good grades while not particularly liking school is probably preferable to the other way around.

What nicknames does Mike Hawks go by?

Mike Hawks goes by Hawkman.

What actors and actresses appeared in Friends Like Who - 2012?

The cast of Friends Like Who - 2012 includes: Tony Osoba as himself Tony Selby as himself Shirin Taylor as herself

When did Cicero Stephens Hawks die?

Cicero Stephens Hawks died in 1868.

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Does Tony Hawk like kids?

Yes Tony Hawks does like little kids

What was tony hawks childhood like?


What are the names tony hawks kids?

Tony Hawks kids names are: Riley, Spencer and Keegan

What is the cheat for unlimited money on tony hawks proving ground?

the code for tony hawks is BIG123MONEY

What is tony hawks salary?

tony hawks salary im not soppose to tell but his salary is1'000'000 a year

What was tony hawks elementary name?

Tony Hawks real full name is Anthony Frank Hawk

What is hawks nickname?

tony hawks nickname is=BIRD MAN=

What is Tony Hawks signature?

im guessing tony hawk

How many wife's did Tony Hawk have?

Tony Hawks wife had 36 skateboards, mostly birdhouse, hawks on skateboard line.

What does tony hawk's house look like?

tony hawks backyard is big with a skate park in it a big pool and to miniture lakes!!! it awesome!!!

What video games are Bam Margera in?

Bam margera is in tony hawk games (Tony Hawks Underground 1 & 2) and i think tony hawks American wasteland.

Where was tony hawks honeymoon?