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LaMotta was rated in the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions and was the World Middleweight Champion between 1949-1951. He beat Marcel Cerdan for the title and lost it to Sugar Ray Robinson.

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Q: What weight classes did Jake LaMotta fight in?
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How many times did Jake LaMotta and Sugar Ray Robinson fight?

LaMotta and Robinson fought six times with LaMotta winning once.

What boxer's life story was titled Raging Bull?

Jake LaMotta

What is the birth name of Jake LaMotta?

Jake LaMotta's birth name is LaMotta, Giacobe.

What is Jake LaMotta's birthday?

Jake LaMotta was born on July 10, 1921.

When was Jake LaMotta born?

Jake LaMotta was born on July 10, 1921.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jake LaMotta Documentary - 2014?

The cast of Jake LaMotta Documentary - 2014 includes: Jake LaMotta as himself Mike Tyson as himself

What are boxing gloves signed by Jake La Mata?

whoa signed by Jake lamotta? Jake lamotta is a really good boxer

Was Jake Lamotta Jewish?


Is Jake lamotta dead?

No, but it can be a matter of time before Jake LaMotta dies, as he is now 90 years old.

What nicknames does Jake LaMotta go by?

Jake LaMotta goes by The Bronx Bull, Jack, The Raging Bull, and Bronx Bull.

Who is Jake Lamotta?

Jake LaMotta, nicknamed "The Bronx Bull" and "The Raging Bull", is a former American world middleweight champion boxer.

Who was known as a Raging Bull?

Jake LaMotta