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Wilma Rudolph's brace was on her left leg.

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The kind of brace Wilma Rudolph wore is unknown at the moment all i know is the kind of brace she wore was made of metal and leather and she wore it on her left leg.

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a metal brace

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Q: What kind of brace did Wilma Rudolph wear?
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What did Wilma Rudolph have to overcomes in order to win 3 gold medals in the 1960 Olympics?

Wilma had to over come her polio so she couldn't walk for a long time and when she could walk she had to wear a brace around her leg one day it heals....

What were Wilma Rudolph hardships?

Wilma Rudolph was a colored woman. She had to face the probelms of segregation. Because she was colored woman, people wouldnt let her do the things she wanted to do. She was a very good runner at track. but she couldnt ever show because of segregation, when segregation was over she was one of the first colored woman track runners. There is a statue of her running in Kentucky.

Why did Wilma Rudolph have to wear a brace?

She had polio in her left foot. Polio was a crippling disease that had no cure.

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