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No they have never dated! Jeff is with long time girlfriend whom he is engaged to Beth Britt they have been together 11 years

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No he is not.

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no they are just friends!!!!

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Q: Is Jeff Hardy dating maria
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How long did Jeff and Maria date?

Jeff has never dated maria Jeff hardy and maria are dating now!!!!!!!

Is mari and Jeff hardy still dating?

Maria and Jeff never dated!!! He is stil with girlfriend of 10 years Beth Britt and Maria is dating one of the cameramen from Smackdown

Why did maria split with Jeff hardy?

mariA dumped Jeff hardy for c.m punk

What is the girl's name Jeff hardy is dating?

the name of the girl that Jeff hardy is dating is Beth the name of the girl that Jeff hardy is dating is Beth

Who is Jeff Hardy dating?

Jeff Hardy is dating Beth Britt. They have been dating since 1999.

Who does Jeff hardy date in real life?

He does not date Maria...he is dating a girl named Beth they have been together for 10 years now Maria..

Is Maria and Jeff hardy getting married?

no ways Jeff is in love with Beth not maria

Does Maria miss Jeff Hardy?

Maria was friends with Jeff and Matt and yes she does miss him.

Is Jeff Hardy dating Beth Phoenix?

No. Jeff Hardy is dating the same girlfriend who he has been seeing since 1999.

Is Jeff Hardy dating Ashley?

not that I know of...I heard that Matt Hardy is dating her Jeff Hardy already has a g/f named Beth NIETHER JEFF NOR MAT ARE DATING ASHLEY AT THIS TIME.

Is Matt Hardy dating Maria?

Matt Hardy and Maria had an on-screen relationship which ended when Maria was released from her WWE contract. Other than that they are not dating.

Is WWE jeff hardy dating anyone?

Well he now works for TNA and not WWE and I believe he is married