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Yes. Jeff Gordon is married to Ingrid Vandebosch.

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Q: Is Jeff Gordon married
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Who did NASCAR's Jeff Gordon marry?

Jeff Gordon married Brooke Sealey in 1994. They were divorced in 2003. Jeff then married Ingrid Vandebosch on November 7, 2006.

Is Jeff marryed?

Yes. Jeff Gordon is married to Ingrid Vandebosch.

How many times has Jeff Gordon been married?

Jeff Gordon has been married twice. The first was to Brooke Sealey, 1994-2003. The second was to Ingrid Vandebosch in 2006.

What is the sexual orientation of Jeff Gordon?


How long has Jeff Gordon been married to Ingrid Vandebosch?

For over four years now. Jeff Gordon married Ingrid Vandebosch on Nov. 7, 2006.

Who is Jeff Gordon's mother and real father?

His real father is Bill Gordon.....still lives in the Bay Area.

Who is Jeff Gordon married to?

No. Ella Sophia is is his only child to date.

Did Jeff Gordon come out of the closet and said he was gay?

Jeff is straight regardless of rumors. He used to enjoy his share of topless bars like any other red blooded guy before and between his marriages. Jeff Gordon is now married for a second time and has two children.

When was Jeff Gordon married?

Jeff Gordon's MarriageJeff Gordon married for the 2nd time on 11-07-06, a model whom he met on the set of the movie "Taxi" in which they both appeared. His first marriage ended not because he was gay or because he cheated, those were only nasty tabloid rumors. They divorced because of differences they could not work out.

How many children did Brooke and Jeff Gordon have?

Brooke and Jeff Gordon did not have any children. Jeff is now married to Ingrid Vandebosch, they have two children, daughter Ella Sofia and son Leo Benjamin.

Is Jeff Gordon a girl?

No, Jeff Gordon is a guy.

Does Jeff Gordon have a family?

Yes, he does. Jeff Gordon is married to Ingrid Vandebosch. They have two children, a daughter Ella Sofia and a son Leo Benjamin. He also has a mother (Carol Houston), a stepfather (John Bickford) and an older sister named Kim. His mother and father (William Grinnell Gordon) divorced when Jeff was a year old, but he and his father still keep in contact today.