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38 years old.

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Q: How old was Kurt Warner his last year of football?
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How did Kurt warner meet his wife?

Kurt met his wife as a stock boy in St. Louis. He was a stock boy before he was a great football player, his wife was shopping at a food lion that Warner worked for he could help but ask her out, she said yes. When he got to her house his future wife said that she couldn't come because her disabled kid was sick and she couldn't find a baby sitter, Kurt offered to take the kids with them and they did, they had a great time with her two sons Kurt and his wife, one year later they got married, Kurt wants to be a minister when he gets out of Football.

When was the last time a MVP won the Super Bowl the same year he won the MVP award?

Kurt Warner, 1999

Is Kurt warner really a part time hand model?

yes he is he does it every year

Which team does Kurt warner play for?

He used to play for the Arizona Cardinals but this year he retired

Has there ever been a quarterback to lead 2 different teams to the super bowl?

Kurt Warner led the Rams in 99 and 02 and led the Cardinals this year

Was Kurt Warner drafted into the NFL when he graduated from college?

Kurt Warner was not selected in the 1994 NFL draft. He was invited to the Green Bay Packers training camp that year, but was ultimately cut. it wasn't until 4 years later that Warner finally made an NFL roster, when he was signed by the St. Louis Rams in 1998.

Will Kurt Warner come out of retirement and play one more year?

Most likely not, hes is not at all like Brett Favre

Who has been quarterback at Ole Miss after Eli Manning?

Bruce Newell ... he wore #10 and was a senior in 1967. He played his sophomore season as a defensive back and switched to quarterback in his junior year. Archie took over in 1968 as a sophomore.

Is Kurt Warner a free agent?

No. In March, 2009 he signed a 2 year, $23 million contract ($15 million signing bonus) with the Cardinals.

Is a autographed football cap by Kurt warner worth money?

Yes it is worth some money. Approx. $100-$200 depending on the year and condition. Some people may only pay 50 bucks for it so depending where you sell it you can make a couple hundred dollars:P

Why did Kurt Warner retire and will he change his mind and play one more year?

He had a serious injury and decided to retire. No one can possibly know if he will change his mind but him.

Can a five year old play Pop Warner football?

yes they can if in the TINY-MITE division if between 35 and 70 lbs