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Nora Valsami is 66 years old (birthdate: June 24, 1945).

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Nora Torres, daughter of Fernando Torres and Olalla Torres, was born July 8, 2009.

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its noah and my names nora LOL and shes 9

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Q: How old is Nora Torres?
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Age of Fernando Torres baby nora?

Nora Torres Domínguez - born 8-Jul-2009.So right now - nearly 7 months old.

What is torreses address?

Torres lives in Liverpool with his girlfriend who moved in with Torres and his daughter Nora who is 6 month old and 17 days to.

How many children does Fernando Torres have?

Torres has 1 girl :) her name is Nora

What is Torres daughter called?

Her name is Nora.

Does Torres have a daughter?

Yes. Her name is Nora.

Is Torres a father?

Yes, too Nora

What is Fernando Torres is daughters name?


Has Fernando Torres got a child?

Yes Fernando Torres has a child it is a daughter called Nora.

Has Fernando Torres got a daughter?

Yes he does, she is called Nora.

Does Fernando Torres had a baby?

yes 1 called nora

How tall is olalla?

well she she is not that tall but she is pretty and she has a kid called Nora and she is really cute and Torres had sex with olalla to have Nora who is 6months and 21 days and im a big fan of Torres and Gerard :) :) :)

Does Fernando Torres have any childern?

yes he has a baby daughter called Nora