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Nancy Lopez is 60 years old (birthdate: January 6, 1957).

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Q: How old is Nancy Lopez?
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Where was Nancy Lopez born?

Nancy Lopez was born in Torrence,CA.

When was Nancy Lopez born?

Nancy Lopez was born on January 6, 1957.

What is Nancy Lopez's full name?

That is her full name, simply Nancy Lopez.

Did Nancy Lopez Die?

Nancy Lopez did not die. she is a retired golf player.

Where does Nancy Lopez lives now?

Nancy Lopez lives now in Waterloo, Canada.

What year did Nancy Lopez turn pro?

Nancy Lopez turned pro in 1977 after she left college in her sophomore year.

Is Nancy Lopez alive?


How was Nancy Lopez childhood?


Which Nancy was elected to the Golfing Hall of Fame in 1987?

Nancy Lopez.

What is one of the sports Nancy Lopez plays?

Nancy Lopez is a professional golfer. Her first full season on the LPGA Tour was in 1978.

Is Nancy Lopez a golf player?


Who married Nancy Lopez?

ray knight