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Hbk 46 turning 47 hhh 44 John Cena is 35 jeff hardy 38

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Q: How old is HBK HHH John Cena and Jeff Hardy?
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John cena or Jeff hardy?

Jeff hardy he flies and is the next hbk he is fun to watch. john cena is good but not when compared to Jeff hardy,undertaker,triple h or hbk

Who is better hbk or John Cena?

of course john cena, he is awesome .he is the best. hbk sucks.John Cena is stronger and better, but I like hbk too.

Should i go with Jeff hardy or HBK?

HBK for sure. He's the best of all time and Jeff hardy fails.

Who is in the 2009 WWE calendar?

I have it .... cm punk undertaker mvp Jeff hardy john cena randy orton hhh hbk and some more like rey .... and alot of other ppl. its a cool calender!

Who is the best wrestler of all time?

The best wrestler is the Undertaker. He is the best of the best. Rey mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Stone cold, John cena, hbk, Randy Orton, Triple H, The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

Is Shawn Michaels better than john cena?

John cena is over rated GO HBK

Who thinks Jeff Hardy Vs HBK at WM 24 could be possible?

possible but no the wrestlemania 24 main event was announced on 2/18/08 that it will be WWE champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H

Who are you best friends w on raw?

Jeff jhon cena batista hhh hbk

Who are the top five best wrestlers?

HBK HHH Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy Stone Cold Steve Austin

Who would win out of Jeff hardy and Shawn michals in a ladder match?

HBK Would Win

How has the best entrance in WWE?

john cena, d-generationx(hhh&hbk)

Who is the famous WWE?

John Cena,HHH.Hulk Hogan,HBK, there are lot more