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he wont tell anyone or maybe if u meet him he will.he is still alive though!!

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Q: How do you email Pele?
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Who is the world famous Brazilian soccer player?

The Brazilian Pele is considered the greatest ever with over a thousand goals to his name.

Is Pele gay?

Absolutely not!Pele is not gay

Does Pele have a dad?

Yes Pele does have a dad

FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?

pele pele pele

Who is better Pele or villa?


Is Pele single?

No, Pele is not single.

Who is the goddess Pele?

Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire.

What was Pele hometown?

TuMadre, Brazil is where Pele was born

Was Pele French?

Pele was, and still is, Brazilian.

Who is more famous Pele or Adele?


Where is Pele?

Pele live in brazil with his family

What is Pele's occupation?

Pele is a/an Footballer humanitarian