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Kate Hudson does not have children with Alex Rodriguez.

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Q: Does Kate Hudson have a child with Alex Rodriguez?
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Does Alex Rodriguez have a girlfriend?

Yes. He is currently dating Kate Hudson.

Who is Kate Hudson married to?

Goldie Hawn

Will Alex Rodriguez marry Madonna?

No. Alex's wife Cynthia filed for divorce on July 7, 2008. He is now believed to be dating actress Kate Hudson. Alex and Madonna always claimed to be just friends.

Is kate Hudson married?

Yes, Kate Hudson married to Chris Robinson in 2000

What is the name of the non-fiction book about a-rod Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson and Madonna dating?

A-Rod Too! Who said lightning does not strike twice in the same place?

How many Kids does Kate Hudson have?

Jennifer Hudson has 1 child

Is Kate Hudson single?

No, Kate Hudson is not single.

How many children does Kate Hudson have?

Kate Hudson has 3 children

When was Kate Hudson born?

Kate Hudson was born on April 19, 1979

Does Kate Hudson have kids?

Yes, Kate Hudson has 3 kids.

Does kate Hudson have children?

Yes, Kate Hudson has 3 kids.

Who is the blonde on bride wars?

Kate Hudson! My favorite!