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yes she smokes

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Q: Does Jessica Ennis smoke
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Who did Jessica ennis marry?

jessica ennis marry HARRY HOLMES

Is Jessica Ennis a professional athlete?

jessica ennis is a profetional athlete

Is Jessica Ennis Scottish?

Jessica Ennis, the athlete, is English, not Scottish.

How much does Jessica Ennis earn?

Jessica ennis gets 100 pounds

What is Jessica Ennis's birthday?

Jessica Ennis was born on January 28, 1986.

Why did Jessica Ennis chose to play Javelin for her Olympics sport?

She likes it. Who is Jessica Ennis?

Is Jessica ennis fit?

Yes Jessica Ennis is fit because of all her running.

Did jessica ennis parents split up?

did jessica ennis parent split up

Why did Jessica ennis want to be an athlete?

Jessica Ennis Wanted To Be An Athlete Because She Wanted To Be Sporty

What is Jessica ennis date of birth?

jessica ennis date of birth is 28 january 1986

Who is faster Jessica Ennis or Usain Bolt?

usain bolt is faster than Jessica Ennis.

How many brothers and sister does Jessica ennis have?

Jessica Ennis has two brothers and 1 sister .