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He's currently dating a some Latin woman.

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Q: Does CJ Leak have a girlfriend?
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When was CJ Stander born?

CJ Stander was born on 1990-04-05.

When was CJ Hobgood born?

CJ Hobgood was born on July 6, 1979, in Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Is cj de mooi Indian?

Cj de Mooi is mixed race, half indian half white.

What actors and actresses appeared in Creepy Cutouts - 2012?

The cast of Creepy Cutouts - 2012 includes: Cj Bernard as Cj

What actors and actresses appeared in CJ the DJ - 2009?

The cast of CJ the DJ - 2009 includes: Holly Brisley as CJ Melani Gravas as Charley Markus Hamilton as DJ Glammer Rachel King Stephen Shanahan as Gene Bruno Xavier

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Does CJ Adams have a girlfriend?

No he doesn't

Does Cj Dippa have a girlfriend?

no he has a boyfriend

Did Michael Jackson have a girlfriend named Cj?


Does CJ Wilson have a girlfriend?

Dominique Piek

Does cj dippa still have a girlfriend named alexis?


How do you get CJ's girlfriend back after you kill them in grand theft auto?

You don't.

In GTA Sa for PS2 how do you give your girlfriend flowers?

just press L1 and CJ will give a flowers a girlfriend

Is there two players in grand theft san andreas?

yes you could find it easy on cj girlfriend house near CJ house

Was there a CJ leak that played for the university of Tennessee?

Yes, he was Casey Clausens backup quarterback from '02-'03

On gta san Andreas can you take your girlfriend on a vacation?

No. CJ can only take girlfriends on dates, not on vacation.

In san Andreas Where do you take cj's girl friend Katie when she wants to go clubing?

A person takes CJ's girlfriend Katie to the Gaydar Club in San Andreas when she wants to go clubbing. This is a game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

How cj can drink beer in ps2?

CJ can drink cans of Sprunk from machines in GTA San Andreas, but otherwise he can only drink beer when he is on a date with a girlfriend in a bar, which is shown in a cut scene. He does not get drunk like Niko does in GTA IV.