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Q: Did Shaun White go to college?
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Did Shaun White play sports in college?

He hasn't went to college.

Where did shaun Suisham go to college?

Bowling Green

In what year did Shaun White go in the Olympics?


When did Shaun White go to the Olympics?

After he was done smoking a blunt.

What year did Shaun White go pro?

At age 13

Did Shaun White go to a public school?


What is Shaun White birthname?

Shaun Roger White

What country is Shaun White from?

Shaun White was born in the US.

Who is better Terje Hakonsen or Shaun White?

shaun white

Is Shaun White in the Olympics?

Yes, Shaun White is in the Olympics.

What sports does Shaun White compete in?

Shaun White competes in Snowboarding

How much does shaun white weigh?

Shaun White weighs 165 pounds.