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he can

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Q: Can terrence newman guard Percy harvin?
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What is the name of The most hated guard in the green mile?

Percy Wetmore hes the meanest guard ever and hes a hot temper guy too.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Dawn Fraser Story - 1964?

The cast of The Dawn Fraser Story - 1964 includes: Dawn Fraser as herself

What was the plot in chapter 19 in the lightning thief?

Percy, Annabeth and Grover journey deeper into the Underworld where they see more and more of the dead. Grover's flying shoes almost drag him into Tartarus, until he takes them off. They eventually meet Hades, who they ask to return the master bolt which suddenly appeared in Percy's backpack. It turns out that Hades had never taken the master bolt and his helm of darkness was stolen too. It is finally proven that Sally is also alive but but now is being held hostage by Hades for his helm of darkness. When Percy, Annabeth and Grover try to escape with the pearls, they figure out that you need one for a person. Annabeth and Grover offer to stay in the Underworld to save Percy's mom but Percy refuses. The chapter ends with Percy having an idea about who really stole the master bolt and Percy, Annabeth and Grover using the pearls because the dead are hot on their heels.we find out the truth, sort of is when they enter the underworld. to find out more... read the book! ;)

What is the birth name of Sully Guard?

Sully Guard's birth name is Alfred Sully Guard.

What actors and actresses appeared in Omega 35 - 2007?

The cast of Omega 35 - 2007 includes: Nick Dahmer as Guard Robert Dastoli as Guard James Dastoli as Guard Joanna Eliza Stevens as Evi Kyle Fasanella as Guard Eddie Fetzer as Guard Kurt Jenkins as Guard Alejandro Kontarovsky as Guard Nils Taranger as Guard Byron West as Warden

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What is Terrence Ross's position as a Raptor?

Terrence Ross position as a Raptor is a shooting guard.

How did Percy get passed the guard to get into mount Olympus?

Percy gave him a gold drachma and the guard let him go right in.

Why does the security guard get annoyed with Percy?

because he mean

What is the name of The most hated guard in the green mile?

Percy Wetmore hes the meanest guard ever and hes a hot temper guy too.

How can Percy be wet when the coast guard came to him?

When the cost guard came to he, Grover, and Annabeth, Percy willed himself to get wet. Having power over the water, he can do things like that.

Why does the DOA security guard get annoyed with Percy?

because he mean

How does Percy convince the guard that he need to see Zeus?

he threatens him with his sword riptide

What has the author W Percy McGeoch written?

Percy Hutchison has written: 'Masquerade' -- subject(s): Actors, Theater, Biography

Does Romeo miller basketall play for usc?

Percy Romeo plays for USC as their point guard he is #15.Information from his #1 fan.

What did the Cerberus do in lightning thief?

Cerberus, the three headed guard dog of Hades, did just that. He guarded the Underworld's entrance, whether he was in Greek Myths or Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

What actors and actresses appeared in Maximum Conviction - 2012?

The cast of Maximum Conviction - 2012 includes: Michael Adamthwaite as Collins Chad Bellamy as Prison Guard Gouchy Boy as Roach Simon Burnett as Prison Guard Yves Cameron as Prison Guard Lauro Chartrand as Nathan Colby Chartrand as Prison Guard Garvin Cross as Prison Guard Bren Foster as Bradley Teach Grant as Max Ernie Jackson as Prison Guard Richard Jollymore as Kaidonov Terrance Leigh as Prison Guard Toby Levins as Davies Cindy Maines as Esmerelda James Michalopolous as Marshall Matthew Mylrea as Prison Guard Scott Nicholson as Prison Guard Jeffery Ong as Prison Guard Kimani Ray Smith as Ceasar Dean Redman as Jones Ian Robison as Warden Samuels Raymond Sammel as Prison Guard Jeff Sanca as Prison Guard Zak Santiago as MP Fields Steven Seagal as Cross Dan Shea as Prison Guard Steph Song as Samantha Richard Stroh as Terrence

What team does Percy Miller play for?

Romeo plays for USC,University of Southern California coached by Tim Floyd.He is their point guard although he doesn't play this season due to the fact of his knee injury.He is #15.