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How much money you can win in a fantasy Baseball league is really determined by how much money you put in and the percentage payout of the website you're using. Look out for sites with low payouts though. Some sites take up to 50% of the money that is put in by league owners. Other sites payout as much as 94%.

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You don't need money to play, you need skill, you need to practice, and you need to be drafted by a professional team.

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Q: How much money do you get in fantasy baseball?
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How do I start a fantasy baseball money league?

Ask a group of friends, other people that you know like baseball. Start off for small amounts of money if nobody has fantasy baseball experience.

Does Fantasy Baseball really cost money does it?

Some do; most do not.

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What does the letter 'u' stand for in fantasy baseball?

It stands for unavailable. But this can vary between what website you are using to play fantasy baseball. For Example: Yahoo Fantasy Baseball does not have a code for the letter "u".

How old do you have to be to have a free fantasy baseball team?

There is no age limit. Most Fantasy Baseball leagues ARE free.

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What do you win if you win fantasy baseball?

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