How much job pay NBA?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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it depends how good you are. you might get paid from 400k to 25mil per season

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Q: How much job pay NBA?
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Do you have to pay to be in the NBA and how much?

No...the NBA pays you

How much does NBA practice squad pay?

Straight cash

How much pay is an NBA 10 day contract?


What is the average yearly pay of a NBA basketball player?

as much as it says in their contracts

How much does a full NBA pension pay per year?

48,000.00 yr

How much will Clay Bennett pay the nba to move the team to Oklahoma City?

one billion.

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NBA owners hire basketball players. They build or lease large arenas, and sell tickets to the games. If you've ever been to an NBA game, you've contributed to the wealth of an NBA team owner. You get to be entertained by watching the game. You pay for that entertainment by purchasing a ticket for the game. Or, you watch the game on TV, and you pay for it by also watching commercials. Advertisers pay a LOT of money to NBA owners (and the management of the NBA itself) to advertise on their games. There's a lot of hype about which players or which teams are better than others, and you buy into that hysteria by purchasing team shirts, jerseys, merchandise, posters, etcetera. The players who perform in the arena are also very well paid; it may be a job that they love, but it's still a JOB.

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