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The shape of the entry hole has no bearing on how it is picked. Locks pretty much all function on the same principal. The only changes that an entry hole might dictate are the size and shape of the tools you use (the picks and the Torsion Wrench).

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It's not really possible. They're not long enough or strong enough.

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Q: How do you pick a lock with a round hole?
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How do you pick a lock that takes a round key?

smash it

How do you get key out of steering lock that is snapped?

try using a pick or two and if not remove lock cylinder and tap it hole down sharply to see if you can get it to come closer to the outer area of the lock & then pry it out with a pick or a pair of tweesers

Lock position on camshaft pulley for Skoda octavia?

if you mean locking,as in the fitting of timing belt,it is a round hole,inside elongated hole,nearest the bulkhead

How do you pick a bedroom lock with the key?

Insert and gently move it around the hole until you hear a light clicking sound.

What is the function of a hole saw?

A hole saw is a round metal cup with teeth on the rim and usually a threaded centre hole to mount it on an arbor. Most common uses are cutting lock holes in doors and holes for faucets in new countertop.

What doors can you pick in resident evil outbreak file 2?

First of all, you can only pick lock with Alyssa. Second of all, you can only pick the lock of the doors that read "It's locked by a simple lock." Those are the only doors that you can pick lock.

What is it called when you open a lock with a crowbar?

Pick Lock

How do you remove the shift linkage from a 1998 Acura Integra?

Get an AIR IMPACT HAMMER. Get the round attachment and gind it down to fit in the pin lock hole and hammer it out.

How do you replace a ignition lock cylinder on a 96 grand marquis?

insert key into lock cylinder and rotate to accesary or run and insert small pick into access hole located directly above or below cylinder housing and it release out!

How do you use a tubular lock pick?

Essentially you set the picks in a tubular lock pick to "past flush" meaning they extend beyond the housing they're normally inside. Once there, press them flush by pushing the pick down on a table or other flat surface. Next, tighten the collar of the tubular lock pick. Once the collar is snug, place it in the key in knob cylinder for the lock. This should "impression" the required key onto your tubular lock pick. Extract the pick slowly while turning it, and you should open the lock. You should also be left with the calibrations for that lock's key on your pick, which will enable you to duplicate it or simply reset your pick the next time you want to pick that lock.

During a round of strokeplay golf you pick up your ball in disgust before finishing the hole can you replace the ball and continue with penalties or are you disqualified?


How do you pick combination lock?

You don't. By definition a combination lock has no key, and thus there is nothing to "pick." Picking a lock refers to mimicking the role of a key in a lock. A combination lock has no key, and thus cannot be "picked."