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Q: Why does a parachute fall quicker when there was more weight added to it?
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Does a parachute fall quicker with a heavy or light weight?

A heavy weight will cause the parachute to fall at a faster rate than a light weight due to gravity's pull. The air resistance provided by the parachute will slow down the descent of both heavy and light weights.

How can you make a seed with parachute fall quicker on the ground?

To make a seed with a parachute fall quicker to the ground, you can increase the weight of the seed or reduce the size of the parachute. Additionally, adjusting the shape or design of the parachute to reduce air resistance can also help the seed descend faster.

Will changing the weight of a parachute effect on the speed?

Changing the weight of a parachute will affect its descent speed. A heavier parachute will fall faster while a lighter parachute will fall more slowly. This is because the weight influences the drag force acting on the parachute during descent.

Does small parachute goes down quicker or slower than big onesw?

A smaller parachute will typically descend faster than a larger parachute due to its lower air resistance. This is because a smaller parachute catches less air and therefore has less drag, causing it to fall more quickly.

Identify one factor that would affect the time of a parachutes fall?

The surface area, mass and the shape of the parachute affect the time of fall of the parachutes. Also the height, where the parachute have been dropped from. ( There are more factors that this).

How does the mass of plasticine on the end of a parachute affect how quickly it falls?

The more mass added to the plasticine, the faster the parachute will fall due to the increased weight. This is because the more mass there is, the greater the force of gravity acting on the combined system of the plasticine and the parachute.

Who would fall faster a man with a small parachute or a man with a large parachute?

The man with a small parachute will fall faster.

How fast does a soldier fall with the parachute open?

A typical skydiver with an open parachute falls at a speed of about 15-20 miles per hour. The descent rate can vary depending on factors such as the size of the parachute, the weight of the individual, and wind conditions.

How does weight affect a parachute?

Weight affects a parachute by influencing the speed at which it descends. A heavier object will fall faster with a parachute compared to a lighter object due to the increased force pulling the parachute downward. This is because the heavier weight creates a stronger pull against the resistance of the air.

Who falls faster when wearing the same size parachute a heavy person or a light person or do they both fall at the same speed?

Both a heavy person and a light person will fall at the same speed when wearing the same size parachute. The rate at which an object falls is determined by gravity, not weight. The parachute helps regulate the descent rate for both individuals.

What is the hypothesis for the parachutes?

The hypothesis for parachutes could be: "If the surface area of a parachute is increased, then the rate of descent will decrease because the air resistance will be greater, resulting in a slower fall."

Who would fall faster at a short distance small parachute or large?

At a short distance, a small parachute would fall faster than a large parachute. This is because a smaller parachute has less surface area to slow down the descent, causing it to fall more quickly.