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Q: Which of the sports includes a camel spin?
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Which sport includes a camel spin?

I think that would be figure skating.

Did Dorothy Hamill have an impact on history?

She has a Hamill camel spin, which is a combination of camel spin/sit spin.

What spider does not spin web?

Camel spider A dead one

In what level of figure skating do you learn a camel spin?

Freestyle 5.

What sports are popular in peru?

they play soccer

What figure skating move was named for olympic gold medalist Dorthy Hamill?

The camel spin

Which ball in sports has the most spin?


What is something that starts with the letter K or C that have to do with ice skating?

camel spin - a spin position in figure skating in which the free leg is extended parallel to the ice

What are the 2 most popular sports in the uae?

Camel racing and football.

Where would you see a flying camel?

A flying camel is a figure skating move where you spin with your leg behind you as high as your back at least and then jump into a different direction of the spin with the same position with switched legs. It's hard to do, and I tell you that out of experience since I ice skate.

What is the most sports played in Indiana?

Spin the bottle

What sorts of sports are there in Saudi Arabia?

Traditional sports in Saudi Arabia include camel racing, horse racing and falconry.