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Q: What would happen if the bungee rope is not elastic but made of a material that cannot stretch?
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Is water inelastic or elastic?

If by 'elastic', you mean stretchy, then no. Water, frozen or otherwise cannot stretch. When it's Ice it's solid, and is more likely to break if you try. As a liquid it cannot stretch, merely flow.

What is the opposite of elastic?

The opposite of elastic is inelastic, where a material cannot stretch and rebound. A material without this quality could be "inflexible" (rigid, stiff) or one that did not rebound, termed "plastic" (deformable).Elastic suggests that the material recovers its original shape after an applied load is removed. Plastic means that it doesn't recover its shape. Steel is an example of an elasticmaterial, when it is loaded within its capacity. It becomes plastic if it is overloaded. Concrete can be considered an elastic material only in compression.

Why wood is an elastic material?

Most of the materials can be considered elastic at least for a specific range. For example, Wood is elastic when we compare it with glass. Their modulus of elasticity cannot be calculate. However;It is anisotropic material. (its elasticity will be change if your loading parallel to its fibers or perpendicular.)

Can a bungee cord be used as a force meter?

No, a bungee cord cannot be used as a force meter because the elasticity of a bungee cord is not that much, compared to a force meter.

Why does glass stretch under a force?

Glass is a brittle material that does not stretch like metals. When a force is applied to glass, it tends to deform elastically up to a certain point before fracturing rather than stretching like a ductile material. This deformation is due to the flow of atoms within the material, and beyond a certain point, the bonds between atoms cannot withstand the force, causing the glass to break.

Why does a balloon burst when you press on it too hard?

When you press on a balloon too hard, the air pressure inside the balloon increases, causing the balloon to expand. Eventually, the balloon reaches its elastic limit and cannot stretch any further, resulting in it bursting.

Is it normal if you cannot stretch your arm fully?


What is elastic analysis in beams means?

Elastic Analysis of a beam is the primary state of the beam before it yields, or reaches its yield stress governed by the material properties. After the beam yields it goes into a second state of which is the beams plastic state, from then on the beam cannot revert back to original shape, it is permanently deformed.

Can you bungee jump off the St Lousi arch?

No. Although many things hurtling through space DO bounce off of the Atmosphere and the Stratosphere, you cannot stick a bungee cord to the stratosphere and jump off, the cord would fall along with you, and you would die.

What cannot pass through an opaque material?

Light cannot pass through an opaque material.

Can you stretch a fibreglass boat hull?

No. Once fiberglass is set, it cannot be altered.

What do you do when your Ugg boots stretch out of shape?

Use them when you do chores. Sorry, they cannot be restored.