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The mgp nitro extreme has 100mm alloys

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Q: What size wheels do mgp nitro extreme have?
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What size is the mgp nitro extreme clamp?

The mgp nitro extreme has a triple clamp it's about 50mm high by 30mm wide

Has the mgp nitro extreme got 100m wheels?

not they dont they come with new and improved 110mm wheels all different colours :)

What is better mgp nitro extreme or mgp ninja headache?

nitro extreme is way better the ninjas ay good for nuffin

How much are mgp nitro extreme?


How much does a mgp nitro extreme weight?

about 5000 pounds

How much does a madd gear pro costs?

well there is alot of madd gear pros and this is the cost MGP Base Model = £100 MGP Team Edition = £120 MGP Ninja = £200 MGP Nitro = £200 MGP Nitro Extreme = £250

What is better mgp team edition or mgp nitro?


Who invented the mgp nitro?

john Trenton invented the mgp nitro

Is a mgp nitro end of days better than a mgp nitro?

which ones better mgp shedevil or mgp end of days

What is better mgp or grit?

MGP. Because MGP are proper professional scooters, and grit are alright. I your just starting out buy an MGP team edition, and when your better get an MGP nitro. When you get really good buy a MGP ninja or MGP extreme.

What pegs fit on a MGP nitro?

81 custom or mgp nitro pegs

What size wheels does an mgp scooter take?