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Q: What is the hula hoop record around the neck?
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What is the world record for the longest giraffe neck?

There is no official world record for the longest giraffe neck as it can vary among individuals. However, the average length of a giraffe's neck is around 6 feet (1.8 meters) for both males and females.

What is the longest hula hooping world record?

There are currently 3 world records relating to hula hooping. 1) Sinead O'Reilly the 7 year old daughter of a travelling family Hula Hooped non stop for 187 days 4 hours in a church hall in Blackburn in 1985. 2) 11 year old Jack Collins from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales successfully kept a total of 2,346 hula hoops in motion for the required 4mins in 1897 using his head, neck, arms, all 10 fingers, his torso, and both legs. He did this balancing on his big toes and looked like a slinky having an epileptic fit. 3) Peter Robson, 6, from Sunderland managed to fit 642 Hula Hoops in his mouth in 2011. He did this by chewing them and pushing the mushed up potato snack into his cheeks to create more space, much like a hamster.

When was The Thing Around Your Neck created?

The Thing Around Your Neck was created in 2009.

How many pages does The Thing Around Your Neck have?

"The Thing Around Your Neck" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has 240 pages.

Price for a rosary tattoo around neck?

Price for rosary tatoo around neck?

Why did Frida Kahlo have thorns around her neck?

Why did she have thorns around her neck

How do you get him to ask for a date?

Well, i'm only 10 but i know TOO much about relationships. First, you get him to be your friend then you touch his arm and keep your eyes locked on him for about 5 seconds. Wait until he enters your hula hoop when he touches you on the arm. here are the examples- neck to shoulder-im getting to know you shoulder to elbow-I kinda like you elbow to wrist-I REALLY LIKE YOU Wrist to fingertips- bf-gf zone your plan is accomplished!

Who is the guy with the bandanna around his neck on the cover of 21st century breakdown?

He does not have a bandanna around his neck

What did pharaoh wear around his neck?

an amulet neck piece

Something you wear around your neck?

Neck less Your Id

What is the answer to neck is to scarf as what is to belt?

The answer to "neck is to scarf" is "waist is to belt." Just as a scarf is worn around the neck, a belt is worn around the waist.

Is stretching the neck makes neck longer?

if you are using rings around your neck to "make your neck longer" you arent actually stretching your neck, the brass rings around your neck, they "make the neck longer" by forcing the collar bone and rib cage down and gradualty stretches the muscles.